AVENTOS HF for bi-fold lift systems

With AVENTOS HF, the award-winning fittings system for tall and large two-piece fronts, your wall cabinet is set in motion. The two-piece front folds in the middle when opened. That way, the system ensures direct accessibility of the cabinet contents, and offers excellent usability with outstanding freedom of movement.

The AVENTOS HF lift mechanism can be used for wooden fronts and aluminium frame doors with cabinet heights between 480mm and 1040mm and cabinet widths up to 1800mm.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Ideal for tall and large two-piece fronts
  • Excellent accessibility of the cabinet contents
  • Easy and safe assembly, and straightforward adjustment
  • Remains in each position
  • Silent and effortless closing thanks to BLUMOTION technology (also available with SERVO-DRIVE)

Assembly and adjustment

AVENTOS HF can be assembled quickly, and virtually tool-free. The lifting element can be adjusted with a simple cordless screwdriver for optimal functioning. That way AVENTOS HF always opens, closes and holds as you expect. The front can be adjust 3-dimensionally for a compelling front spacing.