AVENTOS HK-XS for small stay lifts

The AVENTOS HK-XS fitting fits in the smallest cabinets and completes the existing AVENTOS lift system product line. Thanks to its compact construction, AVENTOS HK-XS offers a variety of design possibilities for small larder units and wall cabinets. As such, cabinets with a small interior depth can also comfortably be fitted. The symmetrical lifting element can be used on one or both sides. For double-sided assembly, it is possible to combine AVENTOS HK-XS with larger and heavier fronts.

AVENTOS HK-XS can be used for cabinet heights from 240mm to 600mm and for an interior depth of at least 125mm.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Ideal for the smallest wall cabinets in wood or aluminium.
  • A stable system, even for wider fronts.
  • Excellent accessibility of the cabinet contents.
  • The lifting mechanism, cabinet and front fixing are symmetrical.
  • Easy and safe assembly, and straightforward adjustment.
  • Balanced comfort of motion thanks to variable stop and BLUMOTION.
  • Also available with TIP-ON.

Assembly and adjustment

The AVENTOS HK-XS components can be assembled easily and virtually tool-free. To ensure the precision of AVENTOS HK-S, it is important to adjust the lift element exactly to the weight and size of the front. That way, you can be certain that the lift mechanism always opens, closes and holds perfectly. In combination with CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, AVENTOS HK-XS always closes silently and effortlessly.

The symmetrical lifting element can be used on one or both sides. By assembling on both sides, it is possible to incorporate large and heavy fronts.