Elegance in motion

This box system stands out thanks to its design and quality. A sleek, elegant design in combination with high-quality materials determines how a LEGRABOX will look. Thanks to its slender, sleek design and optimum comfort of motion, LEGRABOX can be incorporated into any living space and application. The drawer sides are only 12.8mm thick, and are straight on the inner side and external side. Thanks to the straight inner side, the space inside the drawer can be optimised.

The LEGRABOX is available for the following installation heights (mm): 80 (N), 106 (M), 144 (K), 193 (C), 257 (F) and for a nominal length between 270mm and 650mm.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • A sleek, elegant design with straight sides.
  • The drawer sides are only 12.8mm thick.
  • A seamless connection between the individual components.
  • Easy to assemble and adjust.


LEGRABOX has a brand new colour concept. This box system is available in stainless steel (anti-fingerprint) or steel with matt coating in Terra black, Orion grey or Silk white.

The LEGRABOX FREE variant makes it possible to have the sides of the pull-out made from glass, for an extra special touch. The LEGRABOX inner drawers can be finished with a high-quality glass front.

Order your mounted LEGRABOX customised drawers now

At DFWI Nigeria Ltd, you can order your LEGRABOX drawers pre-mounted, completely customised to you and available per piece. Both standard drawers and inner drawers, as well as sink drawers, will be delivered to your address within 3 working days. Thanks to our pre-mounted drawers, not only can you save money, but also time, whilst benefiting from the very highest quality drawers!

Ordering is quick and easy online using our configurator, or by downloading the order form for LEGRABOX.

Assembly and adjusting

Assembling LEGRABOX is extremely easy and safe. You simply hang the front in the fixing, and it clicks in comfortably. Assembly is even possible if the drawer is already installed in the cabinet.

LEGRABOX needs to be installed 3-dimensionally: in the height, in the tilt, and at the side. That way, your (pull-out) drawers always have a precise front spacing.

Removing a LEGRABOX box system is also extremely simple. Since the front also remains suspended in the fixing during removal, one person can remove wide fronts by themselves.

Dividing systems for LEGRABOX drawers

nstalling your drawers in a practical and organised manner is possible thanks to our inner dividing systems and kitchen aids for cutlery drawers and pull-outs.

For more information on the ORGALUX inner dividing system: www.orgalux.com