Simple. Effective. Proven.

The proven METABOX box system from Blum consists of very few components. Robust materials and meticulous processing ensure excellent stability values up to a maximum dynamic load bearing capacity of 30kg.

The METABOX is available for the following installation heights (mm): 78 (N), 110 (M), 144 (K), 142 and 174 (H), and for a nominal length between 270mm and 550mm.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent runner performance.
  • Extensive programme.
  • Can be combined with BLUMOTION


METABOX is available in cream-white.

Versatile Applications

The METABOX range has few component parts and yet offers a multitude of options. The box system comes in various cabinet widths, drawer side heights and lengths, giving you the freedom to implement many different applications.

Easy assembly

Fast assembly with few component parts. METABOX can be put together within minutes! You can either use easy screw-on assembly or Blum’s tool-free CLIP and INSERTA technology. And perfect gap alignment is child’s play with simple 3-dimensional front adjustment.