The evolution of motion

The MOVENTO runner system by Blum is the runner system par excellence! Thanks to the low-friction plastic rollers in the roller carriage and the synchronisation of drawer profile and roller carriage, MOVENTO offers a synchronised, feather-light glide. MOVENTO is available in the load bearing capacities of 40kg and 60kg. Even at full load bearing capacity, this runner system continues to reassure with its high stability and outstanding pull-out values. In addition, it can be adjusted quickly and easily thanks to a 4-dimensional front adjustment, whereby the front can be adjusted not only in terms of height and tilt, but also sideways and in depth.

For handle-less fronts, MOVENTO can be combined with the SERVO-DRIVE electric motion support. Open furniture by pressing briefly and close silently and effortlessly thanks to BLUMOTION. If a mechanical opening support system is desired, MOVENTO is available with TIP-ON BLUMOTION, or with integrated TIP-ON technology.

Thanks to its wide range of nominal lengths, from 250mm to 750mm, they can be perfectly used with wooden drawers in any living space.

Its advantages at a glance:

  • An unprecedented comfort of motion: limited opening strength, synchronised feather-light glide, BLUMOTION.
  • 4-dimensional front adjustment.
  • Available in 40kg and 60kg load bearing capacity.
  • High (pull-out) stability.

Synchronised feather-light glide

Pull-outs have an ultra-smooth running action thanks to low-friction nylon rollers and the synchronisation of drawer profile and roller carriage which produces a synchronised feather-light glide.

Adjustment features

Not only can you adjust the height and tilt of fronts. MOVENTO now also offers side and depth adjustment so gap alignment is quick and easy, precise and tool free.

Assembly and adjusting

BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION, TIP-ON or side stabiliser – always the same fixing position. Thanks to the 4-dimensional front adjustment, it is now possible, in addition to the proven adjustment in the height and tilt, to have depth adjustment and side adjustment, without the need for tools! The drawer is always mounted on the runner system quickly and easily.